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2014 Honda Civic 1.6 I-Dtec Sr 5Dr Diesel Hatchback Diesel Manual

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Specifications of Manual Honda Civic 1.6 I-Dtec Sr 5Dr Diesel Hatchback Diesel 2014:

Colour: Blue
Mileage: 49,423
Body type: Hatchback
Doors: 5
Doors: 5
Engine size: 1597 (cc)
CO2 Emissions: 94 g/km


Manual Honda Civic 1.6 I-Dtec Sr 5Dr Diesel Hatchback Diesel 2014 Description:

History check summary for registration number: LJ64XYD Not recorded as stolen No third-party trace Not an insurance write-off No plate changes No colour changes Mileage data available Vehicle has not been imported 0 previous keepers Data for this history check supplied: 14/12/2018 at 03:22

Honda Civic 1 6 I Dtec Sr 5dr Diesel Hatchback

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The Honda Civic is a sedan model that displays an elegant and luxurious look that is reinforced by its body curves that are correspondingly conclusive and increase a campaigner aura. The latest Honda Civic in 2016 is the 10th generation Honda Civic variant that has been blown out in 2015. The latest generation of this sedan has some fundamental and quite significant changes. Starting from the exterior, interior and kitchen airfield systems. Through several designers, moreover giving a campaigner aura, it with seems that it will present a bit of an uncompromising and sporty impression. next even in the interior, the Honda Civic is equipped taking into account a variety of campaigner features and services thus that it will allow comfort to the driver and passengers. behind the luxurious dashboard and elegant black seats that meet the expense of an exclusive expose taking into account a premium-class luxury sedan. Not deserted that, the engine sector of the Honda Civic is equipped like a definitely proficient iron heart. Equipped next a 16 valve 4-cylinder DOHC type engine, it will no question allow maximum power. Moreover, supported by VTEC technology, DBW and DICT will supplementary develop and increase engine impulses. thus what else is the reserve of the latest 2016 Honda Civic? Let's discuss next the latest Honda Civic Specifications and Prices.

Honda Civic Review

Exterior Exterior Display like Elegant and More attractive Design To begin the exposure to air this time, Mas Sena will begin on the Honda Civic specification segment upon the exterior sector. The latest generation of sedans offers a see that gives the express of a modern, elegant and sporty aura. Starting from the tummy fixed when body lines that look smart and straight to the rear. Meanwhile, on the display at the summit is then further arches as a sign that this generation of Honda Civic is ready to hit the wind that is passed. Not occurring to that, the headlamp has relied upon HID Projector roomy technology following a grill design on the tummy that is polished by a touch of chrome, making the proclaim of the Honda Civic seem more sporty and exudes an aura of luxury. Then, the latest Honda Civic is next equipped considering fog lights and aero expose hole kits. Jumping to the rear of the Honda Civic was apparently no less gorgeous following a bumper line that curved downward new emphasizing the premium impression. In addition, upon the rear lights, unmovable once a Rear Combi Lamp which is bitter at its angle adds to the sporty air of racing spirit. moreover not to forget is the LED buoyant Bars are with pinned in the Honda Civic specifications, as a stop marker that is unconditional for new motorists at the back it.


Interior Style Emits Premium Impression Well, subsequently Mas Sena will invite all my associates to discuss the exterior sector of the latest Honda Civic specifications. Entering the cabin area, the Honda Civic provides satisfactory announce when black that gives an elegant impression. bearing in mind a fairly spacious cabin design, the latest Honda Civic can accommodate 4-5 passengers including the driver. In the front cabin there is a dashboard equipped past various kinds of panels and high-tech features, namely by the presence of intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) that will pay for important counsel to the driver very nearly the amount of fuel, time, distance, and estrange which can yet be reached next the steadfast fuel remaining. Meanwhile, for recommendation on the readiness and rotation of the Honda Civic engine, visualized through a raptness Meter gone a Multiplex Meter system as soon as Eco Assistance. Then, the comfort of the air will along with be maintained like the Heat Rejecting Green Tinted Glass pinned which is a buildup upon all glass that can resist heat from sunlight. In addition, the dashboard is equipped subsequent to an Auto AC panel that can automatically become accustomed the freshen temperature conditions outdoor the car and develop coolness in the car speedily and evenly. unconventional advantage lies in the steering wheel using the Dual Pinion EPS system unadulterated subsequently perspective Steering and Telescopic Steering which will create it easier for the driver to govern the car. next in the seat sector, upon the driver's chair can be contracted the slant of the seat by relying upon the Electric 8 showing off talent chair adaptation system friendly on the Honda Civic Type 2.0L A / T. Not by yourself that, it turns out that this latest sedan is furthermore equipped gone the One push Ignition System which has a put on an act as a tool to tilt on and outlook off the engine by touching a button. In addition, to total the entire interior, this Honda Civic specification is afterward embedded with a fixed idea Console box feature once a USB port that can be used for attachment or battery charging needs.


Sturdy and Sturdy Dimensions Stepping on the neighboring session is in the sector of the bodily dimensions of the Honda Civic specifications 2016. The 2016 Honda Civic carries a G-CON + ACE body frame structure that has dimensions measuring 4,630 mm long, 2,075 mm wide 1,416 mm tall and 2,700 mm wheelbase and front / rear distance of 1,547 mm / 1,563 mm. considering the dimensions and wheelbase dimensions, of course it can be traditional that the 2016 Honda Civic has a medium size hence it is quite easy to drive. Then, for the suspension, this 2016 Honda Civic relies upon the delay similar to the MacPherson Strut system at the front and Multi partner on the put up to consequently that it will be easier in imitation of handling and safe in the manner of work maneuvers. Then, in the alloy wheels, this 2016 Honda Civic relies upon 17-inch x 7 Alloy Wheel alloy wheels wrapped in 215/50 R17 tires which will allow comfort following the car is upsetting and more stable. Not isolated that, the 2016 Honda Civic is after that equipped behind Ventilated Disc braking features on the stomach brake and Disc on the rear brakes. Braking technology applied to the specifications of the Honda Civic 2016 relies upon Brake Override System, ABS and EBD which will allow braking vibes that is fast, true and easily controlled next driving at tall speeds.


Powerful landing field Kitchen bearing in mind DOHC 4 Cylinder 16 Engine Valve Okay, after triumph reviewing the sector features and appearance, now is the grow old for Mas Sena to invite every of you to review the specifications of the Honda Civic 2016 in the kitchen airfield sector. As a premium-class sedan, of course not single-handedly the flavor that displays an elegant aura, but even in the engine sector, the 2016 Honda Civic is equipped subsequently a high-quality engine later than 1498 cc cylinder contents. Honda Civic carries a 16 cylinder type 4 cylinder engine gone DOHC VTEC Turbo technology, drive By Wire (DBW). The engine is proficient of producing talent of 173 ps at 5,500 rpm and torque of 220 Nm at 1,700 rpm in the same way as a compression ratio of 10.6: 1. The presence of turbocharger technology, seems to be a mainstay of this four-wheeled iron heart pacifier. subsequent to such maximum gift it will entirely be skillful to fly this Honda Civic upon the streets. The transmission system relies upon an automated system when CVT technology afterward Earth Dreams Technology later 5 levels of acceleration appropriately that it will be easier to accelerate and reach tall speeds. Well, the specifications of the Honda Civic have plus used a fuel supply system subsequently lecture to Injection technology thus that the use of fuel is more efficient.


Equipped once High-Tech Features Okay, finally arrived at the unqualified trip out on the session specifications for the Honda Civic 2016. This last segment, Mas Sena, will review the various features of the 2016 Honda Civic. First, the 2016 Honda Civic is furthermore equipped like safety features in the form of G comport yourself + ACE technology, namely the body frame structure meant in such a showing off as to reduce impact in the thing of an impact. Then, as well as equipped behind the Dual SRS Airbag feature for the safety of 2 passengers in front. Speaking of collisions, this Honda Civic uses ABS and EBD technology for its brake system to avoid accidents. The braking system has plus been pinned upon the Brake Override System technology to acquire sprightly braking and more precisely in imitation of the driver is tired of stepping on the brakes and gas together. In addition, the 2016 Honda Civic is as well as equipped in imitation of security features including, Alarm System, Keyless Entry, Autolock System, intellectual Entry, Immobilizer, and Rear Trank Opener as a tool to approach the rear trunk log on through a keyless admission or button in the car. In addition, the driver and passenger of the Honda Civic can also enjoy entertainment features which are equipped taking into consideration an audio video system once a 7-inch touch screen, navigation system, DVD Player, Mp3 / WMA, AM / FM Radio. So, your vacation will be more willing in the same way as the sensation of audio hermetic vibes that is suitably clear. In addition, the Honda Civic specification furthermore features supporting features such as HDMI Port, USB Wireless smart relationship Port, Bluetooth and WiFi Tethering.